Multi Mission Frigates will provide survivability in the presence of aerial threat and also support mission functions such as command, control, and communications, reconnaissance, early warning, surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare and electronic warfare with the sophisticated sensors, weapons and Command and Control System

The Ship is designed as per mission modular concept and is capable of accommodating exchangeable and replaceable mission modules which include devices, space, sensors and weaponry necessary to carry out a given different tasks.

They are also designed for low and medium intensity maritime stabilization operations, where they are supposed to provide sea-to-land tactical fire support, asymmetric threat control at sea and support of special forces as well as maritime surveillance and patrol, Exclusive Economic Zone inspection and surveillance


  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations
  • Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Air-Warfare and Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Maritime Security Operation (Anti-piracy, anti-terrorism, anti-smuggling, anti-human trafficking and anti-drug operations)
  • Conducting border patrols, territorial defense and maritime operations up to Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • Capable of helicopter operations and can accommodate any heavy helicopter at the helideck
  • Two hangars, for heavy helicopters and/or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for day and night helicopter operations
  • Reduced radar, infrared and acoustic signatures (stealth technology) as well as magnetic signature are considered as design goals
  • General Specifications

    General Information
    Length : 140
    Beam max : 18.95
    Draught : 5.50
    Displacement : 6.500
    Speed : 29+/18
    Range : 5.000 nm
    Endurance : 21 days
    Crew : 160

    Technology & Combat Systems

    Propulsion & Energy Systems
    Propulsion : CODAG Configuration with CPP
    Engines : 2 Diesel Engines and 2 Gas Turbine
    Nautical Eqp : Navigation Radars (LPI) INS/GPS, W-ECDIS, (D)GPS, Echo Sounder, EM Log, Ship Data Distribution System, Meteorological Sensors, GMDSS
    Weapon & Sensor Suite
    Weapons : 76 mm Main Gun, 35 mm CIWS (GÖKDENİZ), 2x25 mm (STOP RsMG), 2x12.7 mm (STAMP-2 RsMG), CHAFF/IR, 4X4 SSM (ATMACA), 1x16 VLS (SAM), Torpedo Tubes, Torpedo Decoy
    Sensors : 3D Search Radar, E/O Sensors, Fire Control Radars, Illumination Radars, Electronic Support, Electronic Counter Measurement Hull Mounted Sonar, Torpedo Dedection and Countermeasures, TA Sonar, Laser Warning System
    Communication : HF, UHF and VHF Military Communications, SATCOM, SART, EPIRB, Military Link System, CCTV

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