FRT - Fleet Replenishment Tanker

FRT - Fleet Replenishment Tanker

Fuel Replenishment Tanker is a real Fleet Support Ship with her F-76, F-44, fresh water and solid cargo transfer capability from 4 RAS stations, and F-76/F-44 transfer capability with her astern floating system. One of the most distinctive property of FRT is her maximum speed of 24 knots which provides high speed fleet transfer. She is able to carry min. 10.000 tonnes fuel, min. 750 tonnes fresh water liquid and min. 270 m3 sold cargo.

The construction and outfitting activities of the ship began in 2018 at Sefine Shipyard.


Primary Missions
  • Replenishment at Sea (RAS) of solids and liquids
  • Helicopter operations including HIFR and VERTREP operations
  • Medical Support
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Fight against piracy
  • Natural disaster aid
  • Search and rescue
  • Non-combatant evacuation operation
  • Secondary Missions
  • Sea air operations
  • Defence againts asymmetric threats
  • To support amphibious operations
  • Training
  • General Specifications

    General Information
    Length : 195 m
    Beam max : 25 m
    Depth : 11 m
    Draught : 7,2 m
    Displacement : 22.000 tonnes
    Speed : 20+ knots
    Range : 4.500 nm
    Endurance : 30 days
    Crew : 162 Crew Members, 157 Ship Personnel

    Technology & Combat Systems

    Propulsion & Energy Systems
    Propulsion : 2 x Controllable Pitch Propeller
    Engines : CODOG
    Power : 40.000 MW
    Nautical Eqp : Navigation Radars, Echosounder, Electromagnetic Log, GPS, AIS, Gyro-compass, Magnetic Compass, WECDIS, Auto Pilot, DDU, VDR, BNWAS, Meteo Measuring Sys.
    Weapon & Sensor Suite
    Weapons : • CIWS
    • 25mm Gun
    Communication : Military Communication Sys., Message Handling System, GMDSS, SATCOM, Interior Communication, SART, EPIRB, IFF, TACAN

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