LCVP - Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel

LCVP - Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel

She can reach up to 40 knt speed during the amphibious operations and can carry one UNIMOG type vehicle or 40 Marine Personnel. She has effective maneuvering capability on stony and slime beaches with its water-jet propulsion system.

8 of these class of LCVPs have been delivered to Turkish Navy and in service since 2017 successfully.


  • Carrying out short range transportation of troops and vehicles between ship to shore within Amphibious operation or various sea side locations (e.g beaches, military bases, ports, petrol platforms) during peace time
  • General Specifications

    General Information
    Length : 15,7 m
    Beam max : 4,4 m
    Depth : 2 m
    Draught : Forward < 0.5 m
    Displacement : 23 tonnes
    Speed : 40 Knots Maximum / 23 Knots (Full Load)
    Range : > 200 nm with 15 Knots speed
    Crew : 3 Crew Members

    Technology & Combat Systems

    Propulsion & Energy Systems
    Propulsion : Diesel Engine+Gear Box+Water jet unit
    Engines : 2 x Marine Diesel Engines
    Nautical Eqp : Magnetic Compass , GPS (Optional)
    Weapon & Sensor Suite
    Weapons : 2x12.7 mm Gun
    Sensors : Short Range Yacht Radar (Optional)
    Communication : Hand Held VHF Radio

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