OPV - Offshore Patrol Vessel 90

OPV - Offshore Patrol Vessel 90

The Offshore Patrol Vessel is a highly versatile ship, designed to perform Economic Exclusion Zone management roles, including the provision of maritime security to coastal areas, effective disaster relief, surface rescue, surveillance and support missions at heavy sea conditions.

Our family of offshore patrol vessels comprises 74 m., 84m. and 90 m. versatile and affordable ships. With their adaptable design, they can be altered according to individual customer needs.


Primary Missions
  • Operating in tropical environment and conducting border patrols, territorial defense and maritime operations up to the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations
  • Maritime Security Operation (Anti-piracy, anti-terrorism, anti-smuggling, anti-human trafficking and anti-drug operations)
  • Anti-Surface Warfare and Anti-Air Warfare
  • Provide Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS)
  • Capable of Helicopter Operations and can accommodate any 10-ton helicopter at the Heli-deck
  • Capable of launching and recovering RHIB for Special Operations, VBSS and ship-to-shore movement
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Secondary Missions
  • Complement Surface Combatants during Naval Operations
  • Undertake Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response missions and Search and Rescue missions
  • Enforce applicable maritime laws within the territorial seas
  • Support Naval Air and Special Forces Operations
  • Capable of launching and recovering UAS for sustained Maritime Surveillance
  • Fishery Protection
  • General Specifications

    General Information
    Length : 90 m
    Beam max : 14,2 m
    Draught : 3,7 m
    Displacement : 2.300 tonnes
    Speed : 22/ 15 knots
    Range : 3.500 nm
    Crew : 53 - 73 Crew Members
    Experts : 10 SEAL

    Technology & Combat Systems

    Propulsion & Energy Systems
    Propulsion : Diesel Engines+Gear box+Shaft+CPP
    Engines : 2 x Marine Diesel Engines
    Nautical Eqp : X-Band Navigation Radar, 2xFiber Optic INS, WECDIS, DGPS, Echo Sounder, EM Log, Ship Data Distribution System, Meteorological sensors
    Weapon & Sensor Suite
    Weapons : Compact version
    1x40 mm Twin Gun, 1x30 mm Gun, 2x12.7 mm STAMP, CHAFF/IR Decoy
    Medium version
    1x76 mm Gun, 1x30 mm Gun, 2x12.7 mm STAMP, CHAFF/IR Decoy
    Full version
    1x76 mm Gun, 1x30 mm Gun, 2x12.7 mm STAMP, 2 x 2 SSM, 2 x 4 VLS SAM, CHAFF/IR Decoy
    Sensors : 3D Surveillance Radar, LPI Radar, Fire Control Radar with E/O, EOD, IFF, WAIS,ESM
    Communication : HF, UHF and VHF Military Communications, SATCOM, SART, EPIRB, Military Link System, CCTV

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