LPHD - Landing Platform Helicopter Dock

LPHD - Landing Platform Helicopter Dock

The new generation Landing Platform Helicopter Dock is a fast amphibious vessel of upper- intermediate size with its significant armament power. She will play the major role of power projection with transporting huge quantities of fire support elements and marines in order to conduct amphibious operations. Depending on 3-5 Helicopters onboard, its effectiveness shall be increased for shore transportation and other combat air support purposes. She will also acts as a flag ship and logistic support vessel.


Primary Missions
  • To carry out amphibious operations and force deployment
  • To land embarked vehicles, personnel with all their weapons, by bow door and ramp, LCM/LCAC landing crafts in the Dock area, helicopters at Flight Deck or a combination of all these assets
  • To Provide Emergency Medical and Life Support for LST-HD embarked personnel
  • Secondary Missions
  • To conduct large-scale humanitarian and disaster relief missions
  • To be used as a healthcare and hospital support facility
  • To land personnel, vehicles and supplies in ports and poorly equipped areas through on-board vessels, landing craft mechanized (LCM) units or Air-cushioned landing craft, LCAC (multi-purpose hovercraft)
  • General Specifications

    General Information
    Length : 161 m
    Beam max : 24,0 - 31,0 m
    Depth : 12,5 m
    Draught : Forward <1,9 Aft <5,0 m
    Displacement : 10.000 t
    Speed : 18/15 knots
    Range : 8.000 nm
    Endurance : 10 Days with Marine unit/30 Days Crew only
    Crew : 184 Crew Members
    Experts : 22 Helicopter Wing Personnel
    354 Embarked Marines

    Technology & Combat Systems

    Propulsion & Energy Systems
    Propulsion : Diesel Engines+Gear box+Shaft+CPP
    Engines : 4 x Diesel Engines
    Nautical Eqp : Navigation Radar, 2xFiber Optic INS, WECDIS, DGPS, Echo Sounder, EM Log, Ship Data Distribution System, Meteorological sensors
    Weapon & Sensor Suite
    Weapons : OPTION - 1
    1x76 mm Gun, 4 x12.7 mm STAMP, 2xCIWS, 2X4 SSM, 2X4 SAM-VLS
    CHAFF/IR Decoy
    OPTION - 2
    1x76 mm Gun, 1 x 40 mm Gun, 4 x12.7 mm STAMP, 2xCIWS
    CHAFF/IR Decoy
    Sensors : 3D Surveillance Radar, LPI Radar, Fire control radar with E/O Sensor,EOD, LWS, ESM, IFF, WAIS
    Communication : HF, UHF and VHF Military Communications, SATCOM, SART, EPIRB, Military Link System, CCTV

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